MB Photography | Image of the Month | June


June 2015 - Sandwood Bay

Although my recent trip to Sutherland in Scotland was primarily focussed on the mountains, there was one day when the weather was just too extreme for going up high. Instead I headed out to the remote Sandwood Bay and braved being sandblasted on the beach by the high winds. Trying to achieve a long exposure in these conditions was tricky, and if I'm completely honest the image was not as sharp as I would have liked. But sometimes imperfection is the reality and should be embraced. By further softening the image I have just enhanced the true blurriness of the day that I experienced with my own eyes. 

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO100 : Aperture f16: Shutter Speed 17s : 24mm focal length
Processing Details: Converted to monochrome, vignette enhanced and split toned in Lightroom