MB Photography | Image of the Month | July


July 2015 - Maen Llia

One great thing about photography is that it allows you to capture moments that later vanish forever. In landscape photography this doesn't happen very often and with a project based around a 4000 year old standing stone I wasn't expecting anything dramatic to happen this year, but it seems Cadw and the landowners had other ideas. A few days after this image was captured a fence was errected close to the stone as part of errosion control works. The consequent ploughing up and reseeding of the grass area and ugly stock fence has changed the view dramatically and it is unlikely to recover for quite some time. This angle with the beautiful Eriophorum (cotton grass) in the foreground is no more. Follow my Maen Llia project on twitter as I capture future changes to the surrounding area this year.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO100 : Aperture f5.6: Shutter Speed 1/640s : 60mm focal length
Processing Details: Minimal processing in Lightroom