MB Photography | Image of the Month | August


August 2015 - From the Edge of Darkness

Sometimes initial impressions of an image can be deceiving. What at first looks like an image from inside the forest looking out to misty sunlight is in fact a negative captured from the edge of the forest. Some people still hold the belief that "the camera never lies" or at least should be used to capture images as you would see them with your own eyes, but I celebrate the fact that the camera can be used as a tool to convey your own interpretation of a view that may very well be far from the truth.

This image forms part of a series I have been capturing for some time now as part of my exploration of negatives. The whole series can be viewed HERE.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO320 : Aperture f8: Shutter Speed 1/160s : 70mm focal length
Processing Details: Converted to negative and split-toned in Lightroom