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January 2016 - Death at the Rock

My year long project photographing Maen Llia has now come to an end and it has been an interesting journey. Although I've yet to edit the images down any further than my project gallery, the images that have worked best for me are the in-camera multiple exposures, taking elements present at the site to enhance my own impression of the environment around the stone on the days I visited. I hope to compile these into a single presentation over the next month or so.

The image here was taken on my last visit to Maen Llia on 18 December; the untimely death of a sheep coinciding with the death of the project itself.

Camera Settings: Canon 5DIII : ISO400 : Aperture f4: Shutter Speed 1/250s : 45mm focal length

Processing Details: In-camera double exposure, converted to monochrome and toned in Lightroom