MB Photography | Image of the Month | February


February 2016 - Winter Roads

Every winter I am drawn to the abstract ice patterns that form in puddles on the roads and paths in the Brecon Beacons. I marvel at the infinite variation that is produced by the cycles of freezing and melting and have a long-running series of abstract images that I add to each year (see Winter Roads). 

This series is not planned and serendipity plays a big part (as it does in a lot of my photography). Being opportunistic these images are often captured under less than optimum conditions and many are handeld at high ISO, but I believe that it is the feel of the final image that matters much more than the technical perfection that might otherwise be achieved.

Camera Settings: Canon 5DIII : ISO3200 : Aperture f8: Shutter Speed 1/60s : 88mm focal length

Processing Details: Converted to monochrome and contrast increased in Lightroom