MB Photography | Image of the Month | April


April 2016 - Bryophyta

A recent image from my ongoing Ephemeral Pools series. A series that is fast becoming my own "Equivalents" and is a project that currently has no end in sight.

Although I have been posting images from this series on social media for some time, this particular image seems to have captured people's imagination and has become one of the most popular images I've ever shared on twitter. Why this is I am not completely sure, but I suspect it is partly because it is quite a "pretty" image in which the subject matter is recognisable - ironically two things that many images is the series veer away from. If you want to keep up-to-date with this ongoing series, follow #EphemeralPools on twitter.

Camera Settings: Canon 5DIII : ISO100 : Aperture f2.8 : Shutter Speed 1/250s : 200mm focal length

Processing Details: Converted to monochrome and split toned in Lightroom