MB Photography | Image of the Month | May


May 2016 - Pwll Du

A location in the Nedd Valley near my home in Ystradfellte that attracts few visitors, but one I have frequented on many occasions. For many years I have longed for this sort of light, illuminating the submerged tree in the depths of the pool, but I've never been lucky enough until now. This image was captured on a family walk when I wasn't expecting to take many pictures, hence my tripod was at home and consequently I had to make use of a high ISO instead. Another image from this visit can be seen in the Brecon Beacons Gallery.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO4000 : Aperture f11 : Shutter Speed 1/125s : 70mm focal length

Processing Details: Contrast increased and vignette added in Lightroom