MB Photography | Image of the Month | October


October 2016 - Planetary Phase

A image from my ongoing Ephemeral Pools series that marks a recent move towards the abstract. It is perhaps hard for the viewer to fathom how this image was produced, but all I will say is that neither my location nor technical approach to this series has changed and it is all down to the subject matter photographed. To me it demonstrates how much you can see in a location the more you look, and reinforces my long-term project approach as a way to fully explore an idea or place. 

I don't know if this is a permenant shift or just a temporary phase in the project, as the conditions required for these type of image are unlikely to last for long, but the series will continue in some form for at least the rest of this year. 

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Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO100 : Aperture f2.8 : Shutter Speed 1/200s : 200mm focal length

Processing Details: Converted to monochrome and split toned in Lightroom