MB Photography | Image of the Month | December


December 2016 - Forest Colour

In my forest wanders ferns are the one plant that keeps catching my eye. They have appeared in many images in my Ephemeral Pools series and seem to be a perennial favourite among other landscape photographers. But what is it about these plants that we find so appealing? The delicacy, the fractal nature of the leaves or simply the fact that they are always interesting to look at whatever the season or weather conditions?

There is rarely any usable colour in my woodland images as the darkness obscures all but shape and form in the depths of the forestry plantation, but on this occasion the sun managed to penetrate and illuminate an out of focus fern frond to interrupt my normal monochromatic view. This final image is completely faithful to the original scene with hardly any processing.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO1600 : Aperture f2.8 : Shutter Speed 1/80s : 185mm focal length

Processing Details: Small vignette added and clarity slightly increased. Otherwise no other adjustments at all.