MB Photography | Image of the Month | April


April 2017 - Glangrwyney (number unknown)

With the recent completion of my Coins Not Accepted Here project I thought maybe I ought to go back and choose my favourite image from the series, but it turns out there are too many I like to select just one. However, for once I thought that I should shun the traditional, pretty K6 series red box and choose one of my favourite images of the newer KX100 kiosks.

This one show all the attributes that attracted me to this series in the first place: the nondescript roadside location, accompanying post box and network of wires emanating from the telegraph pole are features that crop up time again in this series and what lends them to a typology of this kind. I'm also attracted to the seemingly modern (but actually very old) BT logo and the rather pointless bilingual signage.

However, as interesting as some of these images may be in their own right, the main reason for the project is to preserve these fragments of landscape for future reference when the boxes have been removed, and I plan to return to each of the sites in a few years' time to see what has changed.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO100 : Aperture f5.6 : Shutter Speed 1/320s : 31mm focal length 

Processing Details: Basic tone, highlight and shadows adjusted in Lightroom