MB Photography | Image of the Month | May


May 2017 - Shadows of the Falls

While it is true that you can plan your photography around a weather forecast and sunrise/sunset times to achieve conditions that are conducive to making good images (something I rarely do these days), there are some situations that are found purely by chance.

On a recent trip to my local waterfalls in Ystradfellte I had no images pre-planned, in fact I was just going there for the walk with a vague plan of capturing some infra-red images to see how they worked out. When I arrived at Sgwd yr Eira I was not only lucky enough to have the place to myself (a real rarity these days!), but also to experience the morning sunlight casting shadows of the trees on the mist from the falls. Something I've never seen before and will probably not experience again for some time.

A colour image from this visit can also be seen in the Brecon Beacons gallery pages.

Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO500 : Aperture f8 : Shutter Speed 1/160s : 47mm focal length 

Processing Details: Converted to monochrome with local tone and contrast tweaks in Lightroom