MB Photography | Image of the Month | June


June 2017 - Self Portrait

What defines a self portrait? The obvious that springs to mind is the typical head and shoulders shot of the subject, but at the very least something that clearly identifies the subject as a person. However, for me it is more important that the image says something about the emotional state of the person than simply records their likeness with clarity. 

I see a lot of my ongoing Ephemeral Pools series as self portraits of a kind, reflecting my current mental state as I wander throught the forest. It is true that this particular image does include my head, albeit very distorted by the water, but my presence in the image is incidental rather than what makes it a reflection of my own persona.

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Camera Settings: Canon 6D : ISO3200 : Aperture f2.8 : Shutter Speed 1/500s : 135mm focal length 

Processing Details: Converted to monochrome and split tone applied in Lightroom