MB Photography | Image of the Month | January


January 2017 - Vignettes of Milton Keynes

A departure from what most people will perceive as my usual style and location this month. However, in reality I have always been interested in urban images and often use my iPhone for capturing these. Nearly half of the photography books I bought last year were urban/documentary photography and I have talked in the past of my great interest in street photography.

This particular selection was captured last month during a walk while visiting family in my homeland of Buckinghamshire, and a recent phone upgrade has encouraged me to capture more pictures like this over the coming year.

If you want to see more of these urban iPhone snaps then please have a look over on Instagram. I regularly add to this collection, but hope to find a place for new images in this vein on my main website during 2017.

Camera Settings: iPhone 7 (captured with all automatic settings)

Processing Details: Various colour processing in Instagram, Twitter and Lightroom