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Most people’s perception of the landscape is one of permanence; views which change little over time, reinforced by the fact that so many of them are returned to and photographed again and again. At first glance the landscape around us is fairly static, but the more you look the more changes you notice. It is this continual change in the landscape that I am drawn to - whether man made or natural.

Beyond the slow geological changes that none of us are likely to notice in our own lifetime there are other long-term changes, such as the planting and harvesting of forestry or the development of man-made structures, which can have a significant (and often negative) impact on our view of the landscape. More frequently than that the colour of the landscape flora changes with the seasons, and of course the weather changes how we see the landscape both seasonally and day-to-day with sun, rain, mist and snow all having transformative properties.

However, my view of the landscape in this series is changing on a much faster time scale. Very transient, not only due to the nature of the subject matter but also how I have used it to view the forest within which it these images are made. Sometimes the views are so fleeting that they are only present in a single frame and I may not have even registered them fully at the time of capture.

It is the unpredictability, fleeting existence and lack of permanence that has attracted me to this place, which I see as a metaphor for the fast paced world in which many of us now live. The fact that this is all hidden deep in the peaceful tranquillity of the forest is perhaps also a reflection of my own current state of mind.

This series is ongoing and currently consists of single still images, triptychs, video clips and animations - only single stills are shown here. Follow the series in real time on twitter #EphemeralPools and see the videos Ephemeral Pools I and Ephemeral Pools II on Vimeo. 

Full Stop
Floods of Tears
Arctic Contours #2
Arctic Contours #1
Mountain Blizzard
Gravity Distorted
Surface Chemistry
Darkness Rising #1
Darkness Rising #2
Darkness Rising #3
Flow Distortion #1
Flow Distortion #2
Flow Distortion #3
Forest Blooms
The Beginning of the End
Forest Flora #5
Forest Flora #6
Forest Flora #4
I See Faces #1
I See Faces #2
I See Faces #3
I See Faces #4
Light Waves #1
Light Waves #2
Light Waves #3
Inception Memory
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