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Behind the tourist gloss of Dalyan lies the everyday infrastructure of a town and signs of its future development potential. A combination of new construction, neglect and general untidiness that has a certain photographic appeal.

Using Martin Parr's documentary style as my main influence I have sought to capture the less-obvious view of a foreign holiday resort than the perfect postcard images we are presented with in the holiday brochures.

There are undoubtedly more beautiful parts of this Turkish resort than the images presented here and it is a location well worth a visit for this beauty, but these images perhaps show the real Dalyan.

Plot for Sale
Untended Flowerbed
Cigarette Disposal on Beach
Abandonned Van
Empty Shop
New Hotel Building Site
Supermarket Yard
Electricity Pole
Unfinished Paving
Abandonned Chair
Unfinished Building
Sandals on Beach
Pavement Graffiti
Empty Residential Street
Roadside House
Street Corner
New Shop Construction
King Hotel Pool
Empty Plot
Empty Shop
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