September/October 2018

A couple of months ago I started a collaberation with fellow photographer Rob Hudson reconnecting the remains of the Glamorganshire Canal throught photography with double exposures. We both exposed the same 35mm film at two different ends of the canal on a couple of the remaining stretches of water - myself in Aberdare and Rob at Forest Farm. The results of this first film have now been published on a dedicated twitter feed (@ReconnectingThe) and are also available to view on the Reconnecting the Canal project page. We plan to shoot another roll of film at two new locations along the canal over the next month.

Thanks to everyone who visited my Ephemeral Pools exhibition at Red House in Merthyr Tydfil last month. I am particularly greatful for all those who left feedback in the comments book - it's nice to know the work was appreciated. If any other galleries are interested in exhibiting this series please contact me.

Reconnecting the Canal
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