May/June 2018

My Ephemeral Pools project has now finished. I am currently in the process of selecting the images that will be included in an exhibition to be held at Red House in Merthyr Tydfil from 20th July - 18th August. I am planning on having an opening event on Saturday 21st July to which all are welcome, but please let me know if you are interested in attending so that I can plan for numbers.

Latest Images

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February/March/April 2018

A particularly frosty walk on to the hills above Aberdare has allowed me to add two new sets of images to my long-running Winter Roads series. A series of abstract images which has always fascinated me and will undoubtedly continue to be added to in the years to come.

I have recently made a start on capturing what I expect to be the final images for my Ephemeral Pools series. These should be published on social media and this website over the next few months while I prepare for the planned exhibition at Red House in Merthyr, scheduled for July.

During this year I plan to reorganise my website (and possibly redesign it) to place the emphasis fully on my project work and remove a lot of the standard landscape image galleries. However, these images will still be available to purchase on request and via Sable & Hogg gallery in Brecon for the rest of this year.

Ridge Pools

January 2018

Some snow at last! No new images added to the usual landscape galleries, but see the image of the month for some of the white stuff.

The last month has also seen some new additions to my occasional series of abandoned shopping trollys. While my main camera of choice over the last few months has been my iPhone I am starting to reevaluate my goals for photography in 2018 and look for new projects to focus my attention on.

October/November/December 2017

A new season brings new lighting conditions within the depths of the forest that is the location of my Ephemeral Pools series. This has opened up new opportunities for images along the lines of my Celestial Bodies images from last year. A few of these new images have already been added to the Ephemeral Pools gallery pages and more are likely throughout this month.

Some new woodland images have also been added to the gallery pages this month, some of which surprisingly were captured on my family summer holiday in Portugal, but it might not be obvious which these are.

The end of summer brings more favourable weather conditions for the types of landscape image that interest me most, so I look forward to capturing a wider of variety of imagery over the next few months.


August/September 2017

I have continued to add to my Ephemeral Pools series over the last few months - this is likely to continue until an exhibition of the series planned for next summer. During August I will be posting a taster of some of my older projects on both Twitter and Facebook. Follow the #ArchiveAugust hashtag to see these.

July 2017

This month sees the first edit of images from my Moel Penderyn series. This series is ongoing, but hopefully the initial images published here will give you a feel for the location.

June 2017

Some new images from the Ephemeral Pools this month after a brief spell of heavy rain caused them to reappear for a few days. The generally dry and sunny weather has otherwise dramatically reduced my photographic output over the last month.

May 2017

A quiet month from a photography point of view for me, due primarily to Easter holidays and other family commitments. However, I have recently managed to get out into the Brecon Beacons with my camera and had an opportunity to capture what I expect is the last of the snow for this winter.

I've also made a trip to my local waterfalls and was lucky enough to stumble upon some unique conditions. See this month's image of the month for one of the images made.

The recent sunny weather has also encouraged me to start some experiments with my infra-red converted camera - something I have neglected for a while. While I am at a crossroads with many of my ongoing projects I hope to find time to explore this more.


April 2017

After nearly 3 months of poring over maps and travelling all over the Brecon Beacons National Park I have now completed my Coins Not Accepted Here project series. The importance of doing this quickly was reinforced during the project when I noticed that 2 of the phone boxes I had already visited had been removed by BT only a few days later!

I hope that I have now located and photographed all of the phone boxes that are still remaining, but I would be very grateful for any information on ones that I may have missed, particularly in the more densely populated locations of Brecon, Crickhowell and Hay-on-wye where they are not always individually marked on the OS maps.

Although I have completed this phase of the project my aim is to return to these locations in approximately 5 years' time to re-photograph the same scene and see how it has changed.

Recently I have also started to capture new images from the Ephemeral Pools, with a few new images already added to the online gallery. I hope to have more time to devote to this project over the next few months.


March 2017

My photographic output over the last month has been almost completely occupied by my Coins Not Accepted Here project, documenting the remaining phone boxes in the Brecon Beacons National Park. This is mainly because I feel time pressure to capture them all before they are removed. Many of them have 42 day consultation notices on them dating from the end of 2016 indicating that BT plan to remove them, and while I doubt they will act quite this quickly I want to make sure I visit them before they do. I hope to complete this series during March - you can follow the project in real time on Twitter.

I also spent a family holiday in Madeira at the end of last month. Some images from there may find their way on to the gallery pages in the future, but in the meantime read why this is rarely the case in this month's selected image.

Glyntawe (number unknown)

All Images © Matt Botwood