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Llanrhidian Marsh 1
Langland Bay 3
Bracelet Bay 1
Limeslade Bay 1
Bracelet Bay 2
Brandy Cove 1
Pwlldu Bay 1
Brandy Cove 2
Pwlldu Bay 3
Pwlldu Bay 2
Pwlldu Bay 4
Whiteford Sands 3
Whiteford Sands 2
Whiteford Sands 4
Tears Point 1
Whiteford Sands 1
Oxwich Bay 2
Langland Bay 2
Rhossili Bay 3
Caswell Bay 2
Caswell Bay 1
Three Cliffs Bay 1
Langland Bay 1
Rhossili Bay 2
Rhossili Bay 1
Oxwich Bay 1
Three Cliffs Bay 2

Originally taking inspiration from Rob Carter's Travelling Still series of images, these Gower Seascapes utilise camera movement to blur the image whilst retaining enough detail to recognise the subject matter. Combining abstract simplicity with the natural beauty of the South Wales Gower coastline. 

I have adopted a very low-tech approach to producing these images, using intentional camera movement (ICM) panning the camera by hand with no tripod support. This results in sometimes unpredictable results and I often have to capture many test images before I find one that works. Captured between 2008 and 2014, this series is now available as a book.