Ephemeral Pools - The Complete Series

Released by 21 July 2018
Strictly limited edition of 10 (with free print)
67 pages / 245 images
300 x 300mm
Proline uncoated matt paper (148gsm)
Hardback image wrap cover
Digital print

£100 (plus £10 p&p) - SOLD OUT!

A strictly limited edition book containing the complete set of images from my Ephemeral Pools series. Each book is printed to order and will include the purchasers name. A free 19cm square print of any image from the series will be printed on Fotospeed NST Bright White paper (315gsm) and included with the book. Browse all of the images and read more about the series here.

Landscape Editions Volume 8 - Ephemeral Pools

Released 10 December 2016
Limited edition of 100 (with free print)
48 pages
200 x 150mm (portrait orientation)
Fedrigoni Silk paper (170gsm)
Soft cover (GF Smith Colorplan 350gsm)
Colour digital print

£10 (plus p&p) - SOLD OUT!

"This series shows a personal view of the landscape which is changing rapidly. Very transient, not only due to the nature of the subject matter but also how I have used it to view the forest within which these images are made. Sometimes the views are so fleeting that they are only present in a single frame and I may not have even registered them fully at the time of capture. It is the unpredictability, fleeting existence and lack of permanence that has attracted me to this place, which I see as a metaphor for the fast paced world in which many of us now live."

A selection of images from my ongoing Ephemeral Pools series, exploring the transient nature of the landscape. Read more about the series here and order the book direct from Kozu Books.

Published by Kozu Books as volume 8 in their "Landscape Editions" series of books.

Travels in a Strange Land : Dark Spaces

Released 1 October 2015
Edition of 100 (15 signed copies remaining)
108 pages containing 100 unique toned monochrome images
210 x 210mm
Fedrigoni Symbol Matt Plus paper (170gsm)
Soft cover (350gsm) with anti-scuff matt laminate
Colour litho print

"While some people may think that most of their local landscapes have been discovered and photographed ad-nauseam, I have sought out the landscapes of my imagination. However, these are not Photoshop creations but real places. Illuminating the dark spaces beneath rocks and trees by viewing them in negative I have unearthed a landscape previously unknown to me."

This book contains 100 selected images from my long running Travels in a Strange Land : Dark Spaces series along with a foreword from fellow Welsh photographer Rob Hudson. This book has been litho printed by Wells Printing in Bath to a very high standard to give top quality images and the most consistent print quality possible. Read the foreword and introduction.

Survivors of Carnau Gwynion

Released 1 September 2014
52 pages
180 x 180mm
Soft cover
Uncoated premium paper stock (148gsm)
Black & white

This series documents the remaining trees on Carnau Gwynion in Ystradfellte. Primarily of the hawthorn family, many of these trees now cling to life by a thread soon to die from old age and storm damage. Continual grazing ensures that very few new trees will grow, and those that do will have a tortured existence clinging to the limestone pavement while new growth is continually nibbled away by sheep and rabbits. Read more and see all the series images here.

Gower Seascapes

Released 27 June 2014
Edition of 50 (25 copies remaining)
60 pages
210 x 148mm
Perfect bound colour digital print

Captured over 6 years from 2008 to 2014, this series of abstract ICM (intentional camera movement) images taken from various Gower beaches is both a journey around the Gower peninsular and a journey in my own photographic style over the years. Each image is presented twice in different formats over a double page spread. See here for all the original series images and read more about the book here.

Into the Darkness

Released 4 April 2014
Edition of 100 (22 signed copies remaining)
26 pages
210 x 148mm
Perfect bound
Black & white digital print

A journey into the seemingly monotonous, lifeless world of a forestry plantation in the Brecon Beacons. Read more about this series and view the complete set of images here, where you can also order individual prints from the series.